DCC, Hubris, Our World

Random stream of consciousness forthcoming…

We’ve been playing a campaign for about a year now. We started with Dungeon World to get everyone a taste of the basics. We then moved to the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System for one session, but while the game itself is good it just didn’t hit that sweet spot. The majority of our time has been spent using a modified version of Swords and Wizardry, throwing in hacks that I, as a DM, found interesting such as a variation on the old Chainmail spell-casting systems as well as critical hits (in various states of rules-tweaking) found on Hack and Slash. All have been good fun.

Not so recently, I picked up the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, but have yet to run or play it. At first, I was put off by the size of the rule book. This thing … is. a. beast. It sat on the shelf, gathering dust. At one point, I moved it out to the car to go and sell it somewhere (imagine the hit to my gas mileage). On a whim, I brought it back into the house, placed it on my desk, and decided to give it a second chance.

I am glad I did.

The bulk of this book is taken up by spells. Lots and lots of spells. The actual rules of the game are short, sweet, and to the point. Mostly. Enough for me to dive right in.

But before we get to the real meat of this post, let’s have a look at THIS amazing resource: Hubris, by Mike Evans. I am not going to run raw Hubris. Rather, I am going to use the structure and much of the content of this book to enhance my own campaign–draw it into something much darker. While there are several bits and pieces I will drag kicking and screaming into my game (such as some of the classes, Alchemist, Druid, Ekrask I’m looking at all of you), it’s Chapter 3 that will see the most use at my table. While the territories Mr. Evans has defined are very clearly Hubris, I feel like they can fit nicely into any similarly-themed setting.

Tonight, our first session. For this, we will NOT be using the DCC Funnel (heresy, I know). Don’t worry. We WILL use the funnel in a future session, when we run the “blind game” (more on that later). No, this game will kick off a bit more bog standard: 1st level PCs doing their thing.

A bit about my group: I have some seasoned players and some new players. It’s been a wonderful journey in gaming, so far, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We are down half of the group tonight due to real life stuff. They’ll be returning in later sessions.

I will detail experiences running the game. One or two of the players will post about their experiences playing the game. And that’s that. Join us on our journey…


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