DCC Session 1 Post Mortem

Turns out, I forgot to mention a couple of things from the first session…

At the end of the discussion at the inn, after Loomis left the party to its devices, the four of them had a little conversation about how dangerous the mission promises to be (they had heard stories of better equipped parties going into the mountain and coming back with half of their number and those that remained were beaten to within inches of their lives) and that 50 gold each was a pittance. They quietly agreed that they would perform the task but renegotiate the terms of the agreement upon successful liberation of the ring, should they survive.

Another bit I forgot: Wil had stolen a potion while purchasing a potion of healing. He went to drink that potion of healing after the fray with the goblins and their weird orc bone-caster and…his wounds didn’t heal. He’d been ROBBED! His potion was merely milk seasoned with cinnamon. He’s promised revenge.

There are a couple of things I might’ve done differently. For example, the three killers at the inn. I should have had them join the party, use them for their own purposes in the mountain, and then turn on them down the road. Missed story opportunity.

Also, for the first time ever, I took an audio recording of the session. We did this with the intent of making this a regular podcast-type-thing. After reviewing the audio, two things came to light. One, my DMing style needs a kick in the ass. And two, we can’t post this thing. We are, one and all, heathens. Our games are most-assuredly NOT for public consumption. Our collective sense of humor is…just…vile.

For the next session, it seems like the story is going to write itself. That’s literally the best thing about RPGs. That has left me time to create a Patron. I spent the better part of this morning doing just that. Creating Patrons (and spells) for DCC might be its one weak spot. There’s just SO MUCH to do, it hammers away at one’s creative center until it leaves it bloody and weeping and penniless in a dark alley. Seriously, though. This has me thinking maybe there’s an opportunity here.

I have always been a bit of a tinkerer with systems, as many of us grognards are. There HAS to be a way to simplify the process while providing ideas for judges to make the creation of Patrons and spells easier. I’ll let that notion simmer for a bit, see if any insights happen. Maybe I can publish my own contribution to the DCC community…


Immediately following the game, my group did something that they hadn’t done before. This was a strong tell that they love this system: they started making plans to play more regularly than once a week. In fact, this week they wanted to play every night! Sadly, I have plans tonight, so no game. But I will probably run for them via roll20.net tomorrow night and then maybe more often.

I’d like to play in person, but Steven is off to China for a year to teach English and Hannah is headed off for a college thing that lasts seven weeks. This has the unfortunate side-effect of removing our usual gaming venue: the house they were renting. The regular Sunday game will not suffer, however. We will be renting a space at a local hotel on my wife’s insane employee rate. Kitchen attached to living room play space. Perfect, at least temporarily.


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