DCC Worldstone Sessions 2 & 3

In session 2, we had about an hour of play time, thanks to scheduling issues and more tech problems. I really need to find a solid way to play games online.

Session 2: The Red Duchess

Tonight’s Roster:

Doug (Judge)
Steven (Dalgrid, Dwarf 1 – via Skype)
Gage (Mortock, Wizard 1 – yes, I spelled his name wrong last time…)
Hannah (Sadron, Elf 1 – via Skype)

Short session means not much happening. Our adventurers return from the mountain with the object of their quest in hand. William, as he was not able to join us, disappeared into town right away to get up to no good.

The others took care of two things.

First, they went to the inn looking for Loomis. He wasn’t to be found, but the innkeep Olaf had a package for them. A small, locked chest and a message from Loomis. “Take the ring to the old, one-legged woman and you shall receive your reward.”

After a brief search through town, they located the old woman and presented her with the ring. She took it from them, slowly, turned away and weeping, disappeared into the crowds.

The chest unlocked itself, revealing another message from Loomis, reading “You have done a great service, this day.” Their remaining gold reward of 25 gp each was doubled.

They seem to be continuously curious as to what is so special about that ring…

Back to the inn, Mortock paid for a quiet room and asked the other two to keep watch over him while he studied the iron-bound tome. As he passes his hand close to the book, it unlocks and opens its secrets to him. He is drawn into another nightmare where the Red Duchess reveals her existence to him and promises, again, to grant him power in return for his service. Mortock accepts and is greeted with a vision of a demonic being bursting out of the woman’s body.

He returns to the waking world, his eyes bleeding.

Mortock elects to spend time poring over the strange book, to learn whatever it has to teach him.

We ended the very brief session there.

Session 3: I’m Sorry, What?

Tonight’s Roster:

Doug (Judge)
Steven (Dalgrid, Dwarf 1 – via Skype)
Gage (Mortock, Wizard 1 – yes, I spelled his name wrong last time…)
Morgan (Amarella, Blood Witch 1)

Another painfully short session, though we did manage to get a couple of hours in this time. Let’s just go ahead and kick this off with a great quote:

“Can I shield bash him with my junk?” ~ Dalgrid

Yes. We are all twisted. Twisted and vile.

They were all still so interested in that ring, so they went out into town to find the old woman again. I knew they would, so I set up the night’s hook: the old woman was discovered face down in an alleyway. Her back had sprouted two Samyrran arrows. Her body had been looted. She was dead.

They asked specifically after the ring which had been taken. Naturally, it was gone.

The Samyrrans had claimed the mountain as their own, so the party immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion: that the killers went to the mountain. Without asking around, they immediately set off for Dwimmermount. After an uneventful journey back to the entrance, they discovered it had been sealed again. No amount of bashing, knocking, fiddling, or cussing would open the door.

While screwing about, they were ambushed by some giant centipedes which they very quickly dispatched.

So they decided to do something that I, as a DM, love. Your mileage may vary…

They split the party. In the most delicious way… The wizard and the blood witch would go back to town for more information or some way to get into the mountain. The dwarf would remain behind.

Running multiple parties simultaneously is easy for me. I have an excel spreadsheet initiative tracker. I simply plug everyone in with their initiative rolls and run both fights in tandem, should that happen. Oh. And it did. I rolled for a random encounter for each group and got one for both.

The wizard and witch were ambushed on the way back by more Samyrran killers. The dwarf was attacked by kobolds lookin’ for a quick meal. I then rolled for surprise… The spellcasters were, Dalgrid was not. Mortock and Amarella went down very quickly, peppered with arrers. Dalgrid, thinking he had this, took a natural 20 to the face. A kobold popped him in his eye with a spear.

Oh shit. TPK. From a random encounter. I wasn’t interested in a TPK though. We’re all still getting used to the system. Normally, I’d step away from the table, snickering, while they made their new PCs. This time, I gave them a pass. While the dwarf was being prepared for dinner, the Samyrran assassins ambushed the kobolds. Now, they had all of the prisoners, dragging them into the catacombs beneath Greymere for … whatever purposes. We won’t discuss those purposes yet, because the players read this blog. We will say, though, that Dalgrid was naked at this point. Kobolds don’t eat clothes, you see. That’s some Gamma World shit right there.

In the dark, beaten and havin’ a single hit point each, the party tries to figure out how to escape their prison. This was easy. They would get the attention of the one guarding the door and the Blood Witch would just Blood Walk.

She did so, made her check, surprised the guard, and followed up by unleashing a flaming hands spell into his face. Crispy Samyrran guard. She quickly loots him, grabs the keys to the door her companions are still locked behind. Dalgrid is given a kukri. She keeps the short bow and a handful of arrows.

Looking for a way out of the catacombs, they surprise the other three killers and make very quick work of them.

It was then that Dalgrid decided he wanted to shield bash with his stout dwarven willie.

More looting ensued and they also managed to find where their gear had been stowed. All boxes checked, it was really time to go now. Pressing on, they located a rather large room, a hidden temple of some sort. They heard bootfalls behind them and a strange, dragging sound to the north. Hiding as best they could (without putting out their torches…oops) they waited. Loomis came in from behind them and the giant demon rat that was revealed by their torches to the north hissed and darted off into the tunnels, trailing several tentacles.

After a short discussion with Loomis, the party was led out of the tunnels by their wizard employer. And back to the inn. Loomis presents them with another opportunity. I wanted to get the characters out of this region and start really testing the ebb and flow of the Hubris territories tables. Loomis asked them to go to the city of Undra. A friend of his will meet them there. They are to receive a package from their contact and bring it back to Loomis. They are not to open it.

I know they’re gonna open it.

It’s gonna be hilarious.


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