Been A While!

Well. Game on hold as a new DM prepares a campaign for us. Frankly, I’ll be happy to be just a player. I haven’t done a lot of that in a whole lot of years. While I am waiting for him, here’s my latest commission, a banner and a logo for an upcoming gamer’s youtube […]

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A One Player Funnel…

Yep. That’s right. A funnel played by one player. I ran it for Gage. It took me a couple hours of idea-pondering while at work and just under a minute to jot down the ideas I had for the flow of the adventure, leaving just enough room for Gage’s choices. About a month ago, I […]

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Blind DCC

Ok. So it’s been a minute since I posted. I’ve been busy shit-canning the old game and getting started with the new. A couple of months ago, some of my players came to me with the idea of running a RPG “blind”, which is to say┬áno numbers. For them. They have descriptions of their characters, […]

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Vampires Ohnoes!

So here’s a thing I ran into in my wanderings: The Vampire 5e Pre-alpha I know it’s VERY early, but I do like what I see so far. I know, I said similar things about D&D5e when the public playtest happened and ultimately put the game back on the shelf to collect dust…but for now, […]

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DCC Worldstone Sessions 2 & 3

In session 2, we had about an hour of play time, thanks to scheduling issues and more tech problems. I really need to find a solid way to play games online. Session 2: The Red Duchess Tonight’s Roster: Doug (Judge) Steven (Dalgrid, Dwarf 1 – via Skype) Gage (Mortock, Wizard 1 – yes, I spelled […]

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DCC Notes

For my players: The Hubris hardcopy is on the way. This one is too good not to have on hand. Classes for you, world building for me. Useful for any RPG as the meat of the book is system neutral. Regarding DCC: It’s been pointed out that skill scaling starts to get cumbersome around 5th […]

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DCC Session 1 Post Mortem

Turns out, I forgot to mention a couple of things from the first session… At the end of the discussion at the inn, after Loomis left the party to its devices, the four of them had a little conversation about how dangerous the mission promises to be (they had heard stories of better equipped parties […]

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DCC Worldstone Session 1

As mentioned, two of our regular players are down for the count with real life things. My wife and daughter were on the return trip from Washington, DC. Steven joined us (with some initial technical difficulties) via Skype. This was our first DCC RPG game. It’s been said that DCC isn’t for everyone and I […]

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DCC, Hubris, Our World

Random stream of consciousness forthcoming… We’ve been playing a campaign for about a year now. We started with Dungeon World to get everyone a taste of the basics. We then moved to the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System for one session, but while the game itself is good it just didn’t hit that sweet spot. The […]

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